Hsc physics 1st paper chapter 3

OnnoRokom Pathshala offers you a different approach of learning. It will help you to think 'Out of Box'. And when you will become a thinker then you will understand how you will represent your country differently in a positive way in front of the world. Background of Discovery Part 01 Physics 1st Paper. Background of Discovery Part 02 Physics 1st Paper. Background of Discovery Part 03 Physics 1st Paper.

Background of Discovery Part 04 Physics 1st Paper. Momentum of Earth Physics 1st Paper. Variation of g Part 01 Physics 1st Paper. Introduction to Function Part 01 Math 1st Paper. Periodic Motion Physics 1st Paper. Introduction to Vector Physics 1st Paper. Electro Negativity Chemistry 1st Paper. It will help you to think "Out of Box".

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Toggle navigation. Show More. Download our Smart app OnnoRokom Pathshala offers you a different approach of learning. Ready to learn More? Take your first step to Learn more and more Sign up.Units and Measurements covers units of measurement, systems, SI units, fundamental and derived units. Measurement of length, mass and time; accuracy and precision of the measuring instruments; significant figures. It also covers physical quantities dimension, dimensional analysis and its applications. Motion in a straight line covers frame of reference: speed, velocity and position-time graph.

Basic concepts of differentiation and integration for describing motion, uniform and non- uniform motion, average speed and instantaneous velocity, uniformly accelerated motion, position-time and velocity - time graphs. Graphical treatment of relations for uniformly accelerated motion. Motion in a plane covers scalar and vector quantities; displacement and position vectors, general vectors and their notations; multiplication of vectors by a real number, equality of vectors; addition and subtraction of vectors, unit vector, relative velocity; resolution of a vector in a plane, rectangular components, scalar and vector product of vectors.

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It also covers motion in a plane, uniform velocity and uniform acceleration cases — projectile motion and uniform circular motion. Equilibrium of concurrent forces, static and kinetic friction, rolling friction, laws of friction and lubrication.

Dynamics of uniform circular motion: Centripetal forces, examples of circular motion such as vehicle on a level circular field or vehicle on a banked road. It covers work done by different forces such as constant and variable. Also covers Kinetic Energy, work-energy theorem and power.

It also covers potential energy, potential energy of a spring, conservative forces: Conservation of mechanical energy i. It covers centre of mass of a two-particle system, momentum conservation and centre of mass motion.

Centre of mass of a rigid body and centre of mass of a uniform rod. Moment of a force and torque. Angular momentum, its law of conservation and applications.

Rigid body rotation, Equilibrium of rigid bodies and equations of rotational motion. Comparison of linear and rotational motions.

hsc physics 1st paper chapter 3

Moment of inertia and radius of gyration. Values of moments of inertia for simple geometrical objects derivation not required.

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Parallel and perpendicular axes theorems and its applications. Acceleration due to gravity and its impact due to altitude and depth. Gravitational potential and its energy. Also covers escape velocity, orbital velocity of a satellite and geo-stationary satellites.

Mechanical property of fluids covers Pascals law and its applications such as hydraulic lift and brakes, Pressure due to a fluid column and effect of gravity on fluid pressure. Bernoulli's theorem and its applications, Stokes' law, Viscosity, terminal velocity, streamline and turbulent flow and critical velocity.

Surface energy and surface tension, application of surface tension ideas to drops, bubbles and capillary rise, angle of contact and excess of pressure across a curved surface.Books in digital version or portable version is a common search on the internet.

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hsc physics 1st paper chapter 3

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hsc physics 1st paper chapter 3

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Download All HSC(Higher Secondary School Certificate) NCTB Books 2020 PDF

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HSC Physics 1st Paper - Chapter 3- গতিবিদ্যা-প্রাস (পার্ট- ২)- সাদী স্যার

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